RAAY RE Welcomes Marc Hau As New Co-Managing Director And Appoints New Board

Yukitaka Nezu

24 September 2019

Right before the start of famous Oktoberfest on 9. September 2019, Marc Hau joined as our second managing director at RAAY Real Estate. At the same time the shareholders of RAAY Real Estate elected a new board consisting of Hans Hammer, CEO of the Hammer Group. Thomas Meyer, CEO of WERTGRUND Immobilien AG and Michael Reuter, CEO of Datarella.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Hau as the second Managing Director of RAAY Real Estate. Marc will focus on the brokerage of investment tokens. Marc is a highly experienced insurance broker with more than 20 years of experience at the Allianz Group. He owns the German permission for financial advisory according to 34f GewO issued by the IHK München. Marc brings with him strong experience and knowledge in finance and business development.

We also want to welcome our new board consisting of the following members:

Hans Hammer is a real expert for commercial real estate and entered this industry already in 1990, when he took over the management of the Hammer Group. Today, Hans is the owner and CEO of Hammer AG. Hans studied construction engineering at the Technical University of Munich. He then acquired his Master of Business Administration at INSEAD in Fontainebleau.

Thomas Meyer is the founder  and CEO at WERTGRUND Immobilien AG. At his company, Thomas is responsible for real estate acquisitions, financing, fund management and co-investments. Thomas has achieved a master degree at the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht.

Michael Reuter is co-founder and CEO at Datarella GmbH. Michael is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in building companies. Michael leads Datarella by building and expanding its competencies as a blockchain solution provider and by fostering the role of RAAY as the new digital operating system for the real estate industry.

The extended team at RAAY Real Estate look forward to extending its Blockchain-based product offering for the real estate industry.