Tokenization Module

Secure, Programmable, Regulatory Compliant

Digitizing Illiquid Assets

Tokenization  refers to converting an asset into a digital token on the blockchain system. By tokenizing real estate, business logic can be introduced, reducing the need for manual settlements. Smart contracts can have functions for automatic transactions, formulas for calculating asset prices and other specific features.

Tokenization is securitzation and programmability baked into an illiquid asset.

Add Liquidity

Fractional ownership lowers barriers of entry and unlocks value through liquidity premiums of 20-30% for issuers and resellers. Non-listed private REITs may reap great benefits.

Add Programmability

Certain business logics can be introduced in smart contracts to automate processes. Transactions, distributions and rights can be tracked and executed at marginal costs.

Immutability of Ownership

A digital, integer trail of transactions proves history of ownership and eliminates data loss, data mismanagement, and fraud, s.a. double-spending.