RRE Presenting At Blockchain For Real Estate Meetup

Michael Reuter

4 October 2019

Compared to the huge interest in digitisation in the real estate industry, there are few events reflecting this need of industry players. The FIBREE Meetups throughout Germany provide such opportunities, to learn about digitisation experiences by property owners, developers and investors – RRE Presenting At Blockchain For Real Estate Meetup.

On 7 November, RAAY RE will present the Connex Coin story, describing the path of tokenising a self-owned real estate premium commercial property in central Munich and creating an investment token that will be fully compliant with German and EU laws and regulations. The purpose of RAAY RE is to offer blockchain-based products and solutions to the real estate industry, which itself is a late adopter regarding digitisation efforts.

Together with two other talks, by Paul Claudius, CEO of Blockstate, and Thomas Müller, CEO of evan.network, Michael Reuter, Board Member of RAAY Real Estate (RAAY RE)and Levi Jagfeld, Business Development Manager with Hammer AG, will showcase and discuss the RRE Digital Operating System for the real estate industry showcasing specific aspects of the tokenisation of illiquid assets.

RRE Presenting At Blockchain For Real Estate Meetup
If you are in Berlin on 7 November, drop by at the FIBREE meetup and join the conversation!