Connex Coin Token Sale – Week 1 Investment Recap

Michael Reuter

21 March 2020

After a good week into the launch of Connex Coin, here’s Connex Coin token sale – week 1 investment recap:

When corporations are planning their Initial Public Offering IPO and are faced with major challenges, such as stock market crashes or environmental catastrophes, the IPO will be postponed due to a difficult market environment. When a corporate had planned its IPO in times of Corona, it would certainly have been cancelled or postponed.

This wasn’t the case with Connex Coin. After the RAAY RE team had built the security token including its application to sell and resell Connex Coin, it was time to start the token sale. Different to a typical IPO, the Connex Coin token sale is being executed over a period of 2.5 months. Another difference to an IPO is the token itself: Connex Coin is not tradable, since it is an investment token according to German and EU regulations. The Connex Coin investor buys a token that represents a loan to the
management company of the Connex Building in central Munich. The token holder will receive a 3% interest on her investments. Becoming an investor in real estate is not bound to a certain minimum wealth anymore. The minimum investment in Connex Coin is 10 EUR, and the maximum investment for natural individuals is 25.000 EUR. Corporate entities can undertake unlimited investments, although the total investment is capped at 2.5 million EUR.

Connex Coin Token Sale – Week 1 Investment Recap

A few days into the token sale, 64 investors have chosen to trust  RAAY RE and to put their money into Connex Coin, with a total amount of 66.500 EUR invested. These numbers provide a first glimpse into the willingness of individuals to invest their money in a new type of investment during times of unrest. Due to the difficult market environment, RAAY RE has not started any marketing campaign and we have kept a certain low profile since we feel that beside our own interest to market Connex Coin, there are other, more important topics people have to deal with, at the moment.

All in all, the RAAY RE team is more than happy with the outcome of the very first week of the Connex Coin token sale. Also, we are confident, that when the Corona crisis flattens, life will get back to normal and we will be able to raise awareness for this stable, innovative investment. If you have any questions regarding the Connex Coin token sale, please contact us!

Stay safe, stay healthy!